Kanda Meditation Stufe 3 (online)

The Kanda Meditation was originally perceived then created as bronze man I to IV in the taoistic tradition by my former teacher Christian Lamilhau. I have translated it into the language of yoga. The Kanda is the energetic equivalent to the Tan Tian in Taoism. It is the deepest reservoir for our life energy (prana) within our body of energy.

In the basic form (belt → bowl → bronze man I) grounding and protection are increased through the Kanda Meditation.

Over the course of time and depending on the level of the respective participants, I also teach other techniques, for instance the loop (microcosmic orbit in Qi Gong), the coat, the bronze man I to IV and more.

Usually, the meditations are conducted in German. If there are participants present who do not speak German adequately and if the German participants are comfortable in English, I shall guide the meditation in English.

Beginners should first have a personal introduction, either in a private class or in one of the regularly scheduled introductory workshops (on site or online).

Participation is included in the monthly fee. Otherwise, the cost is half a class of the 10 class card (8,50 €) or 10 € without a 10 class card.