Pranayama refresher

Pranayama refresher

This workshop is open to all with prior Pranayama experience in the style of Sri O.P. Tiwari. It will be offered on site and online, and it can be taught in English and German, if required.

During the workshop, we will conduct the preparatory exercises for Pranayama (i.e. Uddhiyana Bandha, Agni Sarah and Kapalabathi) and – depending on the level of experience of participants – the various pranayamas (i.e. Nadi Shodana, Surya Bhedana, Shitali respectively Shitkari).

The workshop provides you an opportunity to either deepen or restart your Pranayama practice.

We discuss any questions you might have in respect to your Pranayama practice. This may be particularly relevant to those of you unable to participate in the weekly Pranayama classes (Tuesdays 5.30 until shortly before 6 p.m.).

For further information and binding and mandatory preregistration, please contact me via phone 06174 3240 or email

The workshop’s level is not suitable for beginners or Pranayama practitioners from other traditions. Please contact me directly if you are interested in an introduction to this style of Pranayama. This is possible either in private classes or in an introductory seminar – the next one will take place on February 20th, 27th and March 7th, from 2.30 until 5 p.m..

The workshop is included in the monthly fee. For those with a 10 card, cost is 17 € (respectively one unit on the 10card), for drop-ins 22 €.

Pranayama refresher