Ashtanga Yoga

Classes and prices

Classes in Mysore style

Traditionally, Ashtanga Yoga is taught in Mysore style (Mysore is the former name of the town where the method was created). In this style, all practitioners practice at their own level and are assisted individually by the teacher.  This type of class is well suited for beginners.

As a beginner, your first class will consist of learning the first sun salutation, perhaps the second one as well, and the three finishing poses. This takes about 30 minutes. During this time period, I will guide you. You then practice these poses at home in order to become familiar with the sequence. Once you have mastered it, I will teach you more  poses over time. Within a few months, your practice will take between 45 and 60 minutes, assuming that you practice on a regular basis.

Private classes

In private classes (on site or online) I can attend to your needs even more specifically, no matter if you are a beginner, are switching to Ashtanga from another style or would just like to take your practice
to a different level.

Led classes

Led classes are not suitable for beginners. In order to participate, you should at least know and practice the standing positions.

Self practice

Ashtanga Yoga has the advantage over other styles that the practitioner can, after an initial period, do the practice also without instructions and the presence of a teacher, e.g. do self practice.

Class schedule

You can find the weekly schedule and also the timing of special workshops here in the calendar.

As it can vary due to bank holidays or my vacation, it is a good idea to check what is the actual schedule, should you not have been to the shala in a while.

All relevant information (timing, type of class, pricing) will pop up, if you point the cursor on the individual event (no clicking required).

Mysore class in the basement

The different approaches to learning and practicing Ashtanga Yoga

Classes in Mysore style

Classes in Mysore Style (named after the town in South India, where Ashtanga Yoga was created) are happening in a group setting, , parallel on site and online. The special feature of Mysore classes is that beginners and more experienced practitioners practice side by side on their respective level. Practitioners with longer practice may already start earlier.

Led Class

In a led class, everybody practices synchronously, and I call the names of the postures and count the breathing rhythm, but don’t explain the execution of the postures. This traditional form (not comparable to led classes in a fitness studio) is not suitable for beginners, as I don’t explain how the different postures are executed.

Self practice

As the sequence of the postures is always the same, and as you will from the start only practice up to the point where you are still (more or less) familiar with the postures and their sequence, you are from day 1 able to also practice on your own, so called self-practice.

At certain times, I also offer the possibility to do self-practice in the shala and online in parallel, for instance when I am travelling.

Private class

In addition, I offer Private classes, on site and online.

They are a good way to get started and to progress (even though that is not the point in the practice), and also, when the class schedule does not work for you.

This is also a way to teach families or smaller groups of friends.

people doing yoga during daytime

Led Class

1st Sun salutation

Surya Namaskara A

Example for a class in Mysore style

Mysore class in parallel on site and online

woman doing yoga meditation on brown parquet flooring

Private class – here: backbend


Private class