Ashtanga Yoga

For Beginners
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Mysore class on site

Questions and answers
What shall I bring to the first class? Is there anything special to consider?

You will need comfortable clothing which is not too warm. Bring also your own towel and ideally a blanket.

Due to the hygiene rules during the Corona pandemic, you will need to bring your own mat. I also do not offer anything to drink at the moment.

You should have eaten at least 2 hours before the start of your practice.

Should you have any bodily restrictions or injuries, please make sure that you let me know about them before the start of the class. Usually, I also ask about this proactively.


As a beginner, could I also participate only online in the Mysore class?

If you would like to participate only online as a beginner, you would to take a few private classes with me before doing so. These could be done online, no problem.

Why is that? Onsite, it is no problem giving you the extensive explanations that are needed at the beginning without undue disturbance for the other practitioners. That is not possible online.

Private class online

Here, you can download some general information on Ashtanga Yoga and the way the practice is structured. Here, you will find some of the “rules of the game” for the studio. And, last but not least, here you can read the current precautions concerning hygiene during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Mysore classes as a good starting point

As a beginner, restarting after a longer break or from a different yoga style, you can join the Mysore classes on-site at any time (please pre- register).

In these classes, beginners are individually taught at the same time as the more advanced practitioners. As a beginner, I would teach you on site for the initial months, then you can also participate in the classes online (or start also self practice at home).

Experience has shown that a four week trial period is ideal for you to decide whether you like this style of yoga and my teaching style.

Private classes for even more personal teaching (also possible online)

You can also start your journey on the Ashtanga path with private classes, on site or online.

Private class on site