Ashtanga Yoga


Currently, there is not a lot of material available for downloading. It is limited to the opening and closing chant, an overview over the sequence of the standing postures and some details for the first four standing postures, and all of this in German.

Should there be anything that you need that I can not communicate in the Mysore class or the led class, please let me know.

  • Opening mantra

mp3-File (chanted in one piece)

mp3-File (for practicing and learning by heart, “Call and Response”)

Text and translation (abridged version with pronounciation assistance)

Text and translation (detailed, with Sanskrit)

  • Closing mantra

mp3-File (chanted in one piece)

mp3-File (for practicing and learning by heart, “Call and Response”)

You will find the text and translation here.


You can download the counting method, breathing rhythm and the gazing points for the standing positions here, currently unfortunately only in German.

In detail there are many differences between different teachers. However they are not important. It is important that you find a  harmonious flow in the coordination between the movement, breathing and visual focus for yourself  (“Trishtana-method”), because this way your practice becomes a meditation in motion.

You can find a detailed depiction with elaborate recordings of the first three series at Dr. med. Ronald Steiner’s website.

Detailed depiction of the Vinyasa counting method and its execution (based on John Scott’s material, again currently only in German)

Standing postures
Sūryanamaskāra A (सूर्यनमस्कार sun salutation A)
Sūryanamaskāra B (सूर्यनमस्कार sun salutation B)
Pādāṅguṣṭhāsana (पादाञ्गुष्टासन Big toe position) 
(पादहस्तासन Fuß-Hand-Position)

(central positions are colored in light grey which are normally held five breaths, dark grey parts usually are not exercised)

Hathapradipika I.15

„Eating too much and overexertion, talking too much and holding on to rules. Excessive socializing and restlessness, Yoga is utterly lost by means of these six.”

(translation by Zoë Slatoff: Yogāvatāraṇam)