„Nobody is blogging anymore” was my 18-year-old nephew’s comment, when I asked him whether he could help me start a blog for “Ashtanga Yoga Plus” simultaneously with the relaunch of my website. Instagram, Twitter, maybe still Facebook, even though that is also out of date from his point of view – but a blog?

Well, I will give it a try anyway. My web designer argues correctly that I put a lot of effort into my newsletters, which are only read by the subscribers – if at all -, and that blogs can also be found by the search engines. Which of course leads to the question, whether I want to be found at all…

OK. I shall give it a try.

Question No 1: what is the target group?

My target group are people who deem physical and emotional health as important. These people would like to lead their life in a conscious and mindful way. They would like to contribute so that the world becomes a little bit more beautiful, more luminous, for themselves and for others. In general, these people are also more sensitive, and because of that, they feel their own suffering and the suffering of their fellow men more than others.

Question No. 2: Is there anything that I have to say or offer to these people?

Well, the simple answer is that I like to talk, to give hints, to explain (I am actually better at that orally than in writing) – but  question no. 2 can only be answered with a “yes”  if you who reads this blog, feel that my contributions support and enrich you on your path.

We shall see what will arise.

 Question No. 3:  what exactly do I want to blog about?

 This is easy – I shall blog about ideas, methods, concepts that I came across during the last 20 years accompanying people that in my experience were empowering others and/or myself .

 I shall start with the subject of “space”, and this with a quote from my former teacher Christian Lamilhau, who taught me so much about energy work:

 “The will can not go beyond what the space is prepared to carry.”

 OK – resolution to follow :-).

 PS: Of course I am very happy for your questions, feedback and comments. Please give me also some hints about specific issues  that would be of interest to you.