Mysore class

Mysore class

This is a good format to learn and to practice both for beginners and more advanced practitioners.

The class takes place simultaneously on site (please pre-register, as the number of spaces are limited) and online.

Everyone practices according to their individual level and rhythm. The teacher’s task is to support each and everyone where required. This will be more intense for beginners than for more advanced practitioners.

The energy of the group also allows the practitioners to support one another.

The latest starting time is 9:30 a.m..

If you already have an established practice, you can continue to practice after the teacher has left the room. In this case, please finish in the room at the latest by 10:45 a.m.

Participation is included in the monthly fee. Otherwise, the cost is one class of the 10 class card (17 €) or 22 € without a 10 class card (“drop-in”).

If you are not yet experienced in Ashtanga Yoga or have not practiced with me before, you can also book trial classes. For 60 € you can attend as many classes as you like during a four week period. Alternatively, you can also do one or three trial classes: the first class costs 15 €, and for another 21 € you can then attend two more times. This alternative is more economical if you intend to attend once per week or less.

Mysore class