In prior blogs I drew your attention to the subject of the  s p a c e – especially to the fact that the space provides the limitations to your will.

The “big will”

Today, I do not want to discuss the space, but rather the ingredient that you yourself contribute to living a fulfilled life: your will.

This is a big subject: the spectrum of will runs the gamut  from ”I want to be a good person, and through my actions contribute positively to my fellow human beings, nature and also myself “ to ”I want to have fun, fun, fun“  to ”I want to become a millionaire, be rich, healthy, powerful. And of course happy.“

Relax – the “big will“ is more of a side issue today. I will write on it more extensively some other time, for sure.

The “small will”

Today I want to draw your attention to the ”small will“, everyday actions. These ideally should happen within the larger context as the stepping stones for realizing the “big will” over the long run.

What do I mean by all this?

Very simple: imagine that you have just finished college, and that you were good and lucky enough to get accepted to medical school. What is your goal, your “big will”? Of course, you want to become a good, well-qualified medical doctor.

For this to really happen, getting accepted to medical school is far from sufficient. For this  to actually succeed, you need to have a very clear INTENTION – an intention which also helps you to align your actions. How to organise yourself? How much time to invest in your studies, in earning additional money, how much time for leisure?

A clear intention

The clearer you have access to your intention, the easier it will be to dedicate the necessary time. It is not a question of learning 18 hours a day for 7 days a week.- However, if you notice after a few months  that you have been partying every night until 2 a.m.,  getting out of bed after 11 a.m., and the online lectures  remain unwatched on your computer, well, then something is wrong with your connection to your intention, or even with the intention itself.

Your life becomes much easier, much clearer, once you know what it is that you really want. Why do you get up in the morning? What are the essential things on that individual day? What gets you further – and what do you do (mostly subconsciously) to sabotage yourself? Once your intention is steadfast, you will over time perceive your (inner and outer) saboteurs much more clearly – and be able to defend yourself against them.

Photo by Ante Hamersmit on Unsplash

The following example is maybe more suitable for someone further along on their path through life:

If I am grappling with an existential problem, if I am in the middle of a separation, if I wonder, whether my job is still right for me, or or or – it often  happens that  merely the decision to schedule a coaching, a couple therapy or a family constellation will already trigger the things that give me clarity and  point me in the right direction.

Through a clear intention, the energy gets directed

When your intention is clear, life has a better chance of throwing the things your way that support you on the path to realizing your intention (of course, no guarantees).

For example, a colleague of mine had been looking for a job for months, not an easy task in the current environment. One day, she asked herself: ”What is it that I am really  looking for in my new job? What would be the ideal profile?“ She put her complete list of requirements on paper and then told herself that such a job probably did not  exist in the real world. However, two weeks later, she stumbled across a fitting job profile, and three months later she started her “dream job”. This is a perfect example of how the energy follows the intention.

Why do you do, what you are doing?

If you have a regular asana-, pranayama- or meditation practice: why do you sit down in the morning and breathe for 20 minutes or meditate or go three times or more per weel on your mat? Why? What are you looking for? Ask yourself on a regular basis, what is your intention – and also, whether you are finding what you are looking for, or whether you are at least getting closer to it. Don’t submit to routine: stay awake and be attentive.

Ideally in everything that you undertake.

May your practice succeed.